Oh my gosh, Love Island star Eve Gale is now dating Demi Sims from TOWIE?!

I’m very obsessed with this

Umm, Love Island star Eve Gale and Demi Sims from TOWIE have seemed to just confirm that they’re dating and I am so here for this!

Both Eve and Jess Gale from Love Island joined TOWIE star Demi on her podcast called Sims Squared, where the two broke the news they were dating. Demi revealed that she and Eve had recently gone on a date together before making plans for another date whilst filming the podcast, truly ICONIC behaviour. Apparently, they’ve both been flirting with each other in the DMs for years before either of them made an official move.

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Demi explained: “Me and Eve went on a date last week for anyone watching and it was our first date, wasn’t it?” Eve replied: “We kind of had other dates, but it’s not been a date date. That was like our first date. I had the best time.”

Demi revealed that they’ve been speaking for “three years” and explained how they had originally met at a Boohoo event in London just before lockdown started. Demi discussed their first date on the podcast: “I was nervous [the date] was going to get awkward, you know because usually we’ve always got people around? I was thinking, ‘Is there going to be any awkward silences?’, then when I picked you up, you were chewing my ear off. I actually didn’t get a word in.

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