Producers ‘manufactured’ Stephen’s cheating scandal as an excuse for him to quit MAFS

Stephen and the hairdresser already had mutual friends

Umm, so it turns out that a lot of the drama behind the cheating storyline with MAFS Australia 2024 couple Michael and Stephen has actually been completely “manufactured” by the producers, and consider me shook.

So Dramatic! revealed in episode 361 of their podcast that the “cheating scandal” was actually blown out of proportion massively. One production insider dished that Stephen and the hairdresser already had mutual friends in the industry, which is why they started talking in the first place.

They explained: “Stephen didn’t hide it from Michael at all. He told him he was talking to him on the way home because there was nothing to it and even booked Michael a haircut with him. That was the extent of their chat. He didn’t cheat. It just made him realise how little chemistry and connection he had with Michael. It was an eye-opening realisation for him, that’s all.”

Apparently, producers deliberately turned the interaction into a massive MAFS Australia 2024 cheating “storyline” because Michael and Stephen were “boring.” They said: “They turned it into a big cheating scandal because they had no storyline for them and needed to explain why they didn’t work out. Stephen was very open about having no connection or chemistry with Michael from the second he laid eyes on him. He is super chill, and Michael is very high-energy.”

The source added: “Stephen told the experts before he went on the show that he doesn’t find feminine guys attractive. But he didn’t want to hurt Michael’s feelings. He tried to be as respectful and honest as possible about it. They are still on good terms and speak regularly. There’s no hard feelings or bad blood.”

After his initial fight with Michael, Stephen wanted to leave MAFS Australia 2024 but was allegedly told by producers that “they couldn’t leave until the next Commitment Ceremony and had to finish the week out for the storyline.”

The insider added: “They told them that if they left early, it wouldn’t make sense for the viewer. The whole hairdresser thing was completely set up to manufacture a storyline to explain why they left the experiment.”

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