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Ben has made a crude dig at Jono and Ellie’s post-MAFS Australia relationship on TikTok

He used an article about them as toilet paper….

We’ve all been wondering exactly what Ben thinks of the new relationship between Jono and Ellie after MAFS Australia 2024 and his two newest TikToks sum up his feelings pretty well I think.

The MAFS Australia 2024 reunion episode aired over the weekend in Australia and Ben filmed his shady reaction to one of the parts of the show. In the episode, Ellie blew up at one of her female co-stars prompting a shocked response from the experts. Expert Alessandra exclaimed: “Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that from Ellie,” and Mel agreed saying: “We’ve never seen this side of her but she’s coming across as quite insensitive.

Ben then turned the camera onto himself and made a major dig at Ellie. He said: “I’ve seen it, I knew it,” he said. I needed two pages of stuff to write about Ellie.” Yikes!


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Ben then uploaded an even more unhinged TikTok where he pretends to read the magazine article on Jono and Ellie, before tearing out one of the pages and using it as toilet paper. Yes, you read that right and I’m not quite sure how to react.


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Ben has previously spoken to Yahoo! Lifestyle about his suspicions on the show that Jono had a thing for Ellie while they were filming MAFS Australia 2024.

He explained: “Jono was eyeballing her. Like, you know when there’s a vibe and there’s some electricity… I’m not sure if Ellie was aware of it, perhaps she was, perhaps she wasn’t, but I just knew that Jono completely had eyes for Ellie. I had no doubts whatsoever. I didn’t think they would have the courage to do it, so bravo for doing it.”

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