Gypsy Rose Ryan Anderson

Gypsy Rose’s husband Ryan was ‘completely blindsided’ by split and is ‘not doing well’

And had ‘no idea’ Gypsy still had ‘strong feelings’ for her ex

Gypsy Rose Blanchard reportedly announced her split from husband Ryan Anderson in a Facebook post last week and has since been seen getting matching tattoos with her ex-fiance Ken Urker. Now Ryan Anderson has revealed he was completely “blindsided” by their split and revealed his true feelings about seeing Gypsy Rose with her ex.

In an interview with The Daily Mail Ryan Anderson revealed how the unexpected announcement from Gypsy Rose has left him reeling: “I’m not doing well with it. For me, it just came out of the blue.” He also addressed whether he knew Gypsy and her ex were still close, revealing that he “had no idea she still had such strong feelings for him.

“I haven’t spoken to her, so I just don’t know what’s going on. I’m at a loss. I’m really not doing well at all.” A family member also revealed: “I don’t know if either of them has spoken to divorce attorneys, but the split is real. It’s done.”

According to TMZ, the alleged reason why Gypsy Rose Blanchard got a divorce from Ryan Anderson was because he became ‘super argumentative post-prison release and was constantly making her feel like she couldn’t do anything right.”

Ryan was also allegedly unhappy with Gypsy’s developing relationship with her father and was jealous of them spending so much time together recently.

Previously, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s dad, Rod Blanchard, was reportedly “not surprised” at the reason behind the divorce from her husband Ryan Anderson just three months after her release from prison. In an interview with PEOPLE, he revealed he only gave their relationship a “50/50 chance” that it was going to work. He said: “Personally, I give it a 50/50 chance that it’s going to work. She can be spontaneous and make a quick decision and just jump into things without thinking.

It’s giving messy.

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