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How compatible the MAFS Australia 2024 couples actually are, based on their star signs

Of course Jack is a Taurus

They say love is formed in the stars, but how true really is that? What do the relationships of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast look like based solely on star sign compatibility? Some of the scores might surprise you!

Lucinda and Timothy

Star signs: Cancer and Gemini

MAFS Australia 2024 couple Lucinda and Timothy have an 88 per cent star sign compatibility percentage, with Lucinda being a Cancer and Timothy a Gemini.

According to Astrotalk, the most important aspect of this relationship is for the Gemini to reassure the Cancer that they’re loved and cherished. Gemini also needs to be “more expressive of their feelings.” That certainly sounds like Timothy down to a tee.

Sara and Tim


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Star signs: Scorpio and Taurus

Sara is a Scorpio and Tim is a Taura and together this MAFS Australia 2024 couple are 83 per cent compatible based solely on their star sign.

Astrotalk says that: “Taurus and Scorpio love compatibility is potentially solid as they both help each other grow and involves immense trust with mutual goals.” Something tells me Sara meeting up with her ex behind Tim’s back doesn’t help the immense trust aspect to grow…

Ben and Ellie


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Star signs: Gemini and Aquarius

Ben and Ellie have a 72 per cent compatibility rating, with Ben having the star sign of Gemini and Ellie Aquarius. According to Astrotalk, someone who is an Aquarius can be “stone-hearted” in a relationship whilst Gemini is known for their “unpredictable dual personality.” As such they are “prone to easily get bored and tired with their relationship.”

I think it hit the nail on the head with Ben having a bit of a “dual personality” tbh.

Lauren and Jono


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Star signs: Capricorn and Virgo

Despite it not working out with the two of them the MAFS Australia 2024 couple actually have an 83 per cent star sign compatibility. Lauren is a Capricorn (because of course she is, icon behaviour only) and Jono is a Virgo.

And Astrotalk thinks their pairing is “one of the best in the entire zodiac.” It explains: “A Virgo and Capricorn couple is the amalgamation of two extremely intelligent and conscientious individuals who are brilliant in their own ways. These two represent a steady and rational relationship that is envied by the people around them”

Andrea and Richard


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Star signs: Capricorn and Scorpio

Andrea and Richard have one of the lowest star sign compatibilities out of all the couples with only 33 per cent.

Andrea is another iconic Capricorn and Richard is a Scorpio. According to Astrotalk: “Capricorn is more conventional and conservative than liberal and venturesome Scorpio. Scorpio and Capricorn have a relationship that evolves from love to marriage.” Maybe we could be seeing wedding bells in the future for Richard and Andrea?

Eden and Jayden


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Star signs: Taurus and Cancer

Eden and Jayden are 79 per cent compatible in their relationship because of their “deep Karmic ties.” The two will never “get into intense fights but may try to deal with each other with emotional blackmailing.” But it’s not all doom and gloom as they are a “match made in heaven” and “one of the best in all the zodiacs.”

Tristan and Cassandra


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Star signs: Cancer and Leo

Despite struggling with their relationship Tristan and Cassandra have 84 per cent compatibility in their relationship, with Tristan being Cancer and Cassandra a Leo.

Interestingly enough Astrotalk reveals that: “It will be difficult for the couple to be sexually attracted to each other as Leo tends to be overly passionate during sexual intimacy and often forgets any concern about love. This often leaves Leo feeling guilty later on. Cancer, on the other hand, is easily scared by the fierce passion that Leo beholds.” However, because they are “fundamentally contrasting zodiacs” it means they are “not quite compatible overall.”

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