MAFS Australia 2024 producers

MAFS Australia producers allegedly mismatch cast members so they can ‘control’ storylines

‘We know when all the couples will call it quits’

So we all knew from the various editing errors how staged MAFS Australia 2024 is, but it turns out the producers might have an even more crucial part in the experiment than any of us thought.

According to So Dramatic! the source explained: “We know when all the couples will call it quits. Part of the success of this format is that you will get couples writing ‘leave’ at different times. The worst-case scenario is a mass walkout. Which is why this kind of manipulation from behind the scenes is warranted.

“The order of when people will leave the experiment is always locked and predetermined. There have been very few couples that have proved us wrong over the years and there can be the odd subject-to-the-rule but we are almost always actively controlling the lifespan of each couple to keep viewers engaged.”

The source also explained that MAFS producers expected 2021 participants Bryce and Melissa were expected to break up during their season. They said: “Everyone working on that show knew Bryce would stick around and that Melissa would stick around but it was expected Melissa would leave him at the final vows to give the viewers the perfect story arc. That’s truthfully how producers saw that love story ending. However, in most seasons, we get it right, and we just tick them off the list as expected.”


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But in a bit of a bombshell, it turns out the producers were originally planning to break apart MAFS Australia 2024 couple Lucinda and Timothy but had a change of heart. The source revealed: “But producers changed their minds when they realised Lucinda was TV gold and continued to coordinate that relationship behind the scenes to keep them in the experiment as long as possible. Everyone on set fell in love with Lucinda and that is why Channel Nine changed their minds on them leaving the experiment second.”

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