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Sara has already been spotted on dating app Hinge amid MAFS Australia cheating scandal

And wants someone who can ‘take the bad’ in a relationship

Erm, so despite Sara seemingly wanting to try and make it work with Tim on MAFS Australia 2024 it seems long-term things don’t look great between the couple, as Sara has been spotted on Hinge whilst MAFS is still airing. Awks.

The Daily Mail revealed that Sara was on Hinge whilst MAFS Australia 2024 was still airing, and she has included in her profile that she is looking for a boyfriend who “can take the bad.” Is it just me or does that feel like a major dig towards Tim?

Her profile pictures show that she created it very recently, and she’s included lots of different cute pictures of her and her friends. Sara has recently become embroiled in a MAFS Australia 2024 cheating scandal after Eden exposed her for meeting up with her ex behind Tim’s back.

During an interview with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Richie she took accountability for her actions and was asked by the hosts if she believed her behaviour on MAFS Australia 2024 would be regarded as cheating.


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The hosts asked: “I think the problem that everyone has is that you refuse to apologise … the moral question is, and I would like to ask you now, is it cheating? When we know you didn’t do anything with your ex but you went and met him with some friends that night and you didn’t do anything. That’s fine. But because you didn’t tell Tim and you did it secretly. Is that regarded as cheating?”

Sara then admitted that upon reflection she can see that she did “emotionally cheat” on Tim with her ex during MAFS Australia 2024. She explained: “It’s definitely an emotional cheat. I definitely take on board that what I did was wrong. And I think one of my major regrets was not being more apologetic and not consoling Tim right then and there.

“I think in that moment, my heart came out of my a** a little and I was like, ‘Holy crap, I’m on national television. Everyone’s going to think I’m a cheater, and I didn’t cheat.’ So I think I went into defence mode, which obviously wasn’t the best thing to do. I obviously should have just apologised straight away but I felt absolutely caught off guard.”

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