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Erm, it looks like Jack and Tori have just teased they might be joining OnlyFans after all?!

Nobody asked for this

A career in OnlyFans seems like a path most MAFS Australia couples go down, and it looks like Jack and Tori might be making a beeline straight for it.

Previous rumours had emerged that Tori and Jack had a pact to do OnlyFanfs together after MAFS Australia 2024 finished, with one anonymous cast member revealing: “They’re staying together to get media opportunities after the show. They want to do OnlyFans. They both mentioned it to some of us.”

Another cast member added: “Tori openly told some of the other brides that she wanted to do it after MAFS because you can make a tonne of money on there. Sadly, if they did do OnlyFans, they would make a lot of money because everyone would sign up to hate-watch out of curiosity.”

However, in an interview with Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast, the pair shot down the claims with Tori explaining they were “striving a bit higher than OnlyFans,” and Jack saying he had “more integrity” than that.

But it looks like the couple might have done a 180 as they hinted at some potential future NSFW content on their secret Instagram account. Whilst now deleted Tori and Jack posted a picture of the two of them with a quote from the MAFS UNCENSORED Facebook group saying: “[Jack and Tori] ‘wouldn’t mind’ leaking nudes in response to a few memes that have made the rounds online suggesting that [Jack] has ‘no game’ or a ‘small c*ck’ – which he claims is definitely ‘not true.'”

Underneath the post, they wrote “watch this space” with a winky face, which is for some reason giving very ominous vibes. I really wouldn’t put it past them to make an OnlyFans but for the sake of everyone let’s hope they don’t.

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