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Jono’s ex claims he’s ‘toxic af’ and always ‘messaged other women’ in their relationship

‘He’s playing a good guy, but he isn’t’

So it turns out Jono isn’t necessarily the “nice guy” he appears to be on MAFS Australia, as some of his previous girlfriends have come forward to reveal some pretty damning truths about their relationship.

So Dramatic! revealed that Jono has even previously texted other women whilst in previous relationships as one of his exes said he “wasn’t great.” They explained: “He’s playing a good guy, but he isn’t. The whole nice guy thing is BS. He’s toxic AF. I hate the way he is being portrayed when he is nothing but a condescending control freak. He’s not as nice as he’s making out to be.”


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And Ellie isn’t the first girl MAFS groom Jono has messaged whilst in another relationship as his ex revealed: “When we started dating, he had a girl living with him who he said was like a sister… It was like three months in, and he finally told me they used to sleep together and date. He would secretly message her our whole relationship too. So he’s not grown up or worked on himself since we broke up.” Oh dear Jono.

A second woman who also dated Jono explained how she went on a date with him in April of last year but found him to be “extremely homophobic” and “boring.” She explained: “He was extremely homophobic on our date, and he said he didn’t believe in eating fruit. He was actually nice enough, just a bit boring.

“He has family in Queensland but moved in with his business partner and that guy’s wife and small child, which I thought was weird. I don’t remember a whole lot else. Honestly, I found him boring and kind of weird, so I’m surprised he got on the show.” Well, there you have it!

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