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Um, Harrison and Jack are making a series together about how ‘hard being a man in 2024’ is

And how neither of them deserved public backlash

Oh joy, we’ve been blessed with the news that MAFS Australia villains Harrison and Jack are going to be teaming up to make a series together after becoming close friends. Let’s hope this stays as just news because I genuinely don’t think I could handle having to listen to them talk together.

The duo are apparently discussing doing a podcast or video series together in which they would cover the ” “difficulties of being a man in 2024” and why they “didn’t deserve” the public backlash they’ve received. The two have quickly become close friends after Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Harrison has been “advising and coaching” Jack on how to deal with hate since MAFS Australia 2024 started.


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Harrison has recently defended Jack against his “whale” comments on the show by posting a picture of the two of them alongside the caption: “Nice guy, good friend, says some dumb s**t sometimes, but don’t we all?”

Harrison previously went on a “disgusting” rant on Instagram about his fellow female co-stars who are still single, cruelly labelling them as “unmarryable.”

Harrison went through various previous MAFS Australia brides who have recently gone through a breakup or are on a dating app and mocked them. He mocked former co-star Lyndall Grace who had recently posted a TikTok about being broken up with and Harrison commented: “Sucks for you Lyndall. At least you haven’t embarrassed yourself by saying over and over again how much better he was than Cam.”

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