Sara Tim MAFS Australia 2024 together

We’re all thinking it, so are Tim and Sara still together after MAFS Australia 2024?

There are a lot of twists and turns in their relationship

Despite Tim having his doubts at points, he and Sara decided to stay together and renew their vows during the final episode of MAFS Australia 2024. So, let’s find out the answer to the question we’re all wondering, are Tim and Sara still together after MAFS Australia 2024?

Sara and Tim made it to the Final Vows


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Despite their turbulent time on MAFS Australia 2024 Tim and Sara stayed together all the way to the Final Vows where they expressed their feelings for each other. Despite Tim being torn between his “head and his heart” he ultimately felt like he was “falling for Sara” and that the two had grown together throughout MAFS Australia and seemed very excited for a future together.

And the two were still together at the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion episode

The reunion episode was filmed one month after Final Vows with one source saying to So Dramatic!: “By the end of the experiment, they have a big redemption. It’s a genuine love story, and they finish the show together.”

But two reunion bombshells majorly affected their relationship


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During the episode, Jade revealed one of her friends saw Tim on Tinder, as revealed in episode 371 of the So Dramatic! podcast. As a result “Sara was completely caught off guard. She was embarrassed because they had been sitting there all loved up all night. Tim alleged that he was on there because he works in marketing, and it’s a marketing thing. Sara gave him the benefit of the doubt and told everyone that she believed him.”

And as if that wasn’t enough Jono then “blindsided” Sara by confessing that Tim confided in him that “if he had more time, he might have made a different decision about staying with Sara at the Final Vows.” One insider revealed: “Sara was completely blindsided and hurt because they were still together and doing so well. She was really upset and crying. Tim and Sara went outside and had a huge fight about it.”

Sara confirms she has split with Tim after the MAFS Australia reunion aired


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Ultimately, the MAFS Australia 2024 couple Sara and Tim have now officially split and are no longer together. They split one month after the reunion was filmed and speaking to 9Entertainment, Sara revealed: “We didn’t speak for a little while after; it was hard for us both, but a few months down the track, we started talking again. We’re definitely friends now. We are very amicable. It’s been good to be on good terms because we went through this crazy ride together.”

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