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All the fictional plot points included in Scoop that never happened in real life

There are more than you’d think

Scoop gives us an insider look at the planning that went into Prince Andrew’s now infamous Newsnight interview, but how much of the Netflix film is actually fictional? From embellished scenes to dramatic additions, let’s find out all the fictional plot points that were included in Scoop.

Amanda Thirsk didn’t actually intervene in the actual Newsnight interview

Via Netflix

Whilst Scoop didn’t include the entire Newsnight interview that Prince Andrew did there is one fictional aspect that is added to the Netflix film.

Scoop adds a fictional moment where Amanda Thirsk, Prince Andrew’s private secretary, intervenes halfway through the Newsnight interview to ensure Prince Andrew emphasizes his alibi for where he was on March 10. There is absolutely no mention of this interruption in Sam McAlister’s book so we can assume it didn’t actually happen in real life.

Donal McCabe didn’t record Andrew’s interview in real life

Via Netflix

In Netflix’s scoop, just before the interview takes place a man walks into the room and proceeds to place a phone on the table and record the entire conversation. Sam McAlister tells Stewart Maclean that the mystery man is in fact Donal McCabe who was the press officer for Queen Elizabeth II.

But this fictional aspect played out differently in real life where in Sam McAlister’s book she explains that Donal McCabe did still appear but didn’t leave any recording device on the table. She wrote: “His moment in the room is fleeting but, retrospectively, significant. It means several things. First, that the Queen likely knew about the interview (there has been a lot of speculation on that point). Of course, I can’t know for certain either way, but, if she didn’t, it would be strange to have her member of staff there to come and say ‘hello.'”

His PR expert didn’t just quit on the spot

Scoop fictional

Via Netflix

Another fictional scene takes place in Scoop where Prince Andrew’s PR expert Jason Stein discovers that the private secretary to Prince Andrew, Amanda Thirsk is planning on arranging the Newsnight interview. Jason immediately quits and shouts “I’m out.”

However, in reality, Jason Stein had only been working for the Prince for just weeks before the interview was arranged and resigned “by mutual consent,” which is a lot less dramatic than Scoop made it out to be!

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