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Do Jack and Tori ever actually end up having sex together on MAFS Australia 2024?

Those kids won’t materialise by themselves

Despite Jack telling Alessandra in his audition tape that he knows within “15 seconds” whether or not he wants to have sex with someone, he and Tori still haven’t done the deed on MAFS Australia 2024. It’s quickly becoming a constant topic of discussion between them and their co-stars on the experiment, with Lauren laughing about how Jack said he wants kids with Tori in two years despite the fact they haven’t had sex yet.

So, do Tori and Jack ever actually end up having sex together on MAFS Australia 2024 or is this all just an elaborate build-up in anticipation for when they eventually launch their joint OnlyFans account?


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During an interview with Star 104.5’s Gina & Matty, Jack explained that they didn’t want to have sex until they felt comfortable, explaining: “We just pushed back if we weren’t ready, we weren’t comfortable. By this point of the show, where we’re getting up to plenty of mischief…we just hadn’t actually done the deed yet.”

But then, during next weeks’ Dinner Party Jack will confess that him and Tori have finally had sex after the MAFS Australia 2024 homestays. He then gives us way too much detail including that “the  man is always the star of the show” and it went on for “eight minutes.” I’m sorry but who asked for those details?


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However, it seems like not everyone is convinced the pair actually did seal the deal after Scott, a security, safety and risk expert thought they were lying about going all the way. He explained that Tori never confirmed she’d slept with Jack when the producers asked her if her Homestays “ended with a bang”. Rather, she danced around it, responding: “I love what you did there.”

She also used “multiple reference points” when speaking about their intimacy and “changed her speed and cadence” a lot. “I think there was an element of discomfort from a level of embarrassment,” Scott said. “I also believe she went to an area where she was having to [make things up]. “So, do I think they had proper sex? No. I think they were intimate. But there weren’t enough indicators there to say that they did.”

So, at this point who knows whether it even happens on the show, and to be honest I don’t really have an opinion either way!

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