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Ew, Eden reveals that Jayden’s hair ‘smells so bad’ because he only washes it TWICE A MONTH

I can smell it through the screen

I’m sorry to do this to you but I must relay one of the most vile things I’ve ever heard about Jayden from MAFS Australia 2024, and it’s come straight from Eden. I think all of us, Eden included, are really not a fan of the “porno moustache” that Jayden debuted on last night’s MAFS Australia episode but if you think that’s bad wait until you hear what Eden has to say about how his hair smells.

Eden and Jayden gave an interview about their time on MAFS Australia 2024 to Today Extra, and Eden told us a frankly gross detail about the condition and scent of Jayden’s hair. Eden explains that because Jayden rarely washes his hair it can “smell really bad” and ew.

She revealed: “Jayden probably only washes his hair once a fortnight!” she confessed. The hosts were in absolute shock with one of them jokingly asking Eden “Why didn’t you write ‘leave’ weeks ago?!”

Eden continued to gross every single person on the planet out, saying: “Sometimes I’d hug him, and I’d be like, ‘You need to wash this, oh my God! Sometimes, I would tell him how bad it smelled. I was like, ‘Honestly, you need to wash that thing. And he’s a kickboxer, so he’s fighting and sweating every day.” Jayden’s hair isn’t exactly short either so the amount of dirt and sweat that must accumulate on just a daily basis is enough that this man should be washing it more than twice a month. I’ll never watch MAFS Australia the same way again.

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