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From toupees to why he’s purple: All of Lauren’s hilarious questions for Jack, answered

Lauren never fails to deliver

Lauren never fails to disappoint in bringing the entertainment and roasting Jack on MAFS Australia 2024 and on the first day of Feedback Week last night it was no exception. Jono and Lauren were tasked with coming up with five questions to ask Jack and Tori about their relationship and of course, Lauren’s original questions were absolutely hilarious.

Sadly, they didn’t end up asking Jack any of them but fear not as we’ve answered them for you! So, from whether or not his hair is actually a toupee to why he’s so purple all the time here are all of Lauren’s original questions to Jack, answered.

‘Does Jack’s outfits embarrass you?’

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Whilst we’ll never know the true answer to this question as Tori has never given any indication on MAFS Australia 2024 or in any interviews, I think we have to assume that since Jack dresses the exact same way he did the experiment now they’ve left, she’s not embarrassed by his outfits.

‘Why can you not figure out what size pants you are?’

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My only guess on why Jack seemed to insist on wearing trousers that are clearly too small for him on MAFS Australia 2024 is so he gets to show off those gains he’s made in the gym, either that or he keeps accidentally shrinking them in the dryer.

‘Is your hair a toupee?’

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On episode 372 of the So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pusetto asked some questions about MAFS Australia 2024 groom Jack to his friend Lizz. One of these was if his “hair was real and not a wig” and she answered, “As far as I know, I’ve never tried to pull on it, but I think it’s real.”

‘Do you realise you look purple?’

MAFS Australia 2024 Jack

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In the same podcast episode host Megan asked Lizz “Why does he look purple?” and Lizz replied: “In real life, he is very very tanned. He spends a lot of time tanning and takes his tan very seriously, but so do I. I don’t know, I have to assume he’s not got a specific tanning regime down on this show, maybe he’s freshly come from the sun and it hasn’t settled yet.”

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