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The MAFS Australia 2024 stars who are predicted to make the most money on Instagram

They’re absolutely raking it in!

Whilst some of the cast of MAFS Australia 2024 have gone on the experiment to find true love, there’s zero doubt in my mind a lot of them are going to help launch their Instagram careers as Influencers once they leave.

But not everyone can make major money from the platform, so who are the MAFS cast members who are predicted to make the most money off Instagram? PR & Talent expert Jai Evans spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV to explain his thoughts on who is going to make serious bank.


We all knew Lucinda was going to be one of the most successful post-MAFS Australia 2024 cast members, and she’s on track to make some major bank from Instagram. According to Jai, Lucinda has “the most commercial appeal and value post-show out of all the MAFS cast this season” Jai claimed, and “she could be a mainstay in the media sector.” I need Lucinda on my screen forever, please.

Jai thinks Lucinda offers brands a level of diversity and genuineness that hasn’t been seen a lot with other MAFS Australia influencers, explaining: “She would be great in driving messaging well around ‘touchy’ or taboo topics in a mature, yet playful way.” Get this woman to a million followers asap.



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Jai thinks that Lauren will also do well after MAFS Australia 2024 and as one of the most iconic cast members I’m here for it.

Jai says: “Lauren will do well in the influencer space as she is quirky, and fun and would be able to deliver upon professional brand partnerships due to her PR skillset. Talent success is dependent on how well they lead with their heart and not their head. If they are too ego-driven people disengage, hence why Lucinda has been a roaring success.”



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Intruder Jade is another bride who could become a major influencer after MAFS and she definitely has the Instagram baddie look down to a tee. Jai explained: “Jade appeals to the large viewer base of families as a single mother. She is sweet, playful and could wear brands well, and will appeal to a range of Australia’s multi-cultural demographic.”

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