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Eden says her ‘giant lips’ are actually from a serious injury and not due to any filler

‘They’re my biggest insecurity’

Among all the cast members to get attention for their looks on MAFS Australia 2024, Eden and the appearance of her lips get a lot of discussion and speculation about whether they’ve been injected with lip filler. However, in a new interview, Eden has revealed that the appearance of her “giant upper lip” isn’t down to filler but a major injury she faced when she was in her 20s.

Eden told The Daily Mail: “My lips are definitely my biggest insecurity and the thing that gets me down the most when I look in the mirror is the scar above my mouth and the lack of movement in my mouth. I fainted when I was I think 21 or 22. And I landed on glass and it split my whole face open and that’s where the scar on my face is from.

“I had a few gashes, but the most notable was probably the size of a stretched out 20 cent coin from above my nose past the end of my mouth… And in order to stitch up the hole, the surgery lifted my whole mouth upwards and it’s given me that giant upper lip look that I have. It essentially killed the muscle in my mouth and has frozen all movement in the lower half of my face, which is quite unfortunate.

“It looks so different to how it used to look and I remember when it first happened, just every time I’d look in the mirror and I’d be like, I’m never gonna look the way I used to and I just had to accept that.”

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Eden explained that she tried to share the story about her lips during confessions week on MAFS Australia 2024, but it didn’t make the cut. She explained: “(The accident) was my confession letter on the show, which didn’t actually make the cut, but it was probably the hardest six months of my life because my face was in a bandage for six months and I just thought every time I looked in the mirror I’d burst into tears because of all the scars and whatnot.

“The only one you can still see though is the one above my mouth. It was the worst one. I do get Botox in my forehead and that, that kind of thing. But the lips. The lips are because of my scar… I don’t even get lip filler anymore. I used to when I was younger, definitely. So in those old photos, I actually was getting filler then and I don’t get it now.”

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