MAFS Australia producer slams ‘vile’ 2024 cast members who ‘behaved shockingly’ off-screen

‘They are horrible, vile people’

Every year on MAFS Australia you’re guaranteed to have at least one cast member who complains about the fact they got an inaccurate edit, but a 2024 producer has now claimed some cast members behaved “far worse” than they appeared on screen.

As reported in episode 373 of the So Dramatic! podcast one MAFS Australia 2024 producer revealed that the cast behaved “shockingly and are vile people” and that “nobody” got a bad edit this year. Scathing!

They explained: “Exactly what you saw is the reality. They behaved shockingly and are horrible, vile people. You have no idea. I would say they were even worse than what was shown.” The producer explained that they had to “cut a lot of stuff for legal reasons“, so viewers only got the “mild version” of what cast members on the experiment “actually did.”


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The producers then revealed that none of the cast members got a bad edit on MAFS Australia 2024 and that a lot of the cast actually got an edit to make them seem better than they actually were. They revealed: “Being there, I don’t know anyone who got a shit edit. I can see words get choppy, but the essence of the message or character of the person is there. The minute somebody doesn’t like what they see, they go: ‘It’s the edit’. But really, they’re just not self-aware.”

They added: “Everybody got an accurate representation on that show. If anything, so many things were left out because there was so much (as is the case in all reality TV).”

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