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Every MAFS Australia 2024 cast member who dumped their partner to appear on the experiment

I hope it was worth it…

Sometimes you need to burn a few bridges in order to get ahead in life and that’s exactly what these MAFS Australia 2024 cast members who dumped their partner to appear on the show did. From lying about appearing on the show to reconciling afterwards, let’s see who’s been broken up with in the pursuit of true love (and probably fame as well…)


Not only did Ben dump his partner to appear on MAFS Australia 2024 but he then got back together with her after the show. And whilst Ben says he met his current girlfriend “three to four weeks” after leaving the experiment an insider claims that is not the case at all. One insider told So Dramatic!: “Ben told another groom on the show that he was dating his current girlfriend before the show. He was seeing her, then the show called, and he went on, and now he’s back with her.”

Considering that Ben and his girlfriend Aileen have already moved in together and gone on multiple holidays together, it doesn’t seem completely far-fetched that the two already have a history together.


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Jack shocked the rest of the cast at the start of the show when he confirmed that he had been in a relationship just five weeks before MAFS Australia 2024 started filming, and had dumped things his partner to appear on the show.

Jack’s ex  claims that instead of telling her he was going to Sydney to start shooting MAFS Australia 2024, the groom told her he was “moving to America for ‘work opportunities.’” Courtney was seen in the comments of a post that featured photos of Jack getting married on his wedding day. She wrote: “My mental health has suffered due to being completely blindsided and losing my best friend to a reality TV show.

“Jack has never tried to break up with me and our relationship was becoming quite serious. We spoke regularly about our future together and I don’t believe he is on the show for the right reasons at all.” Big yikes.



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According to So Dramatic!, Ellie Dix had been dating her boyfriend for four months before MAFS Australia but decided to break up with him when the opportunity to apply for the show came up.

A source claimed: “Ellie was dating a guy for about four months before MAFS and broke up with him to go on the show. She openly admitted this to Ben [Walters]on their honeymoon during the Confessions Box challenge. She said it on camera, but they never showed it.”

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