MAFS Australia 2024 reunion Madeleine

Madeleine refused to attend the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion due to fallout with production

She didn’t hold back with the shade

You might be wondering why Madeleine isn’t attending the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion episodes despite her husband Ash being there.

And now she’s revealed the real reason why she chose not to attend, telling the Daily Mail: “I chose not to go to the reunion because I did not feel in alignment with the production itself. The production itself was something that was contradictory to what they sell Australia.”


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Previous reports suggested that Madeleine hadn’t been invited back to the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion at all and that she was “silenced” by producers. According to a source speaking to So Dramatic!, Madeleine called producers to ask if she could attend. They explained: “She wanted to go. They had a conversation around her attending the reunion under certain conditions, but Madeleine wouldn’t agree to their terms, so they told her she wasn’t allowed to go.”

The source also claimed that MAFS producers “silenced her by not giving her any of her photos for social media or any media interviews. They have done an absolute number on her and have gaslit Australia into thinking she’s a nutter so that if she speaks out about what they actually did to her, she won’t be believed. It’s very orchestrated. They are getting on the front foot by totally discrediting her before she even has a chance to share the truth. They are getting revenge on her for not playing by their rules and are making her look crazy.”


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Another insider told Yahoo! Lifestyle that Madeleine wasn’t invited to the reunion due to her “unpredictability” because they believed it could “derail” the whole evening. They revealed: “Most people in production thought that Madeleine struggled with the pressures of the experiment during filming, so it felt easier not to bring her back — especially for a dinner party that was inevitably going to be an intense one from the start.”

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