Fortnite Avatar Last Airbender skins

Ranking all the Fortnite Avatar The Last Airbender skins from worst to best

The fact Sokka isn’t included should be a crime

The Avatar The Last Airbender skins have finally been released in Fortnite and some of them are a lot better than others. For starters don’t even get me started on the fact they left out Sokka?! What’s the point of having Team Avatar in Fortnite if not all of them are even included? And what’s worse is that they’ve used a lot of Sokka’s weapons and accessories for other characters such as Katara and Toph in Fortnite, where’s the justice for the trusty boomerang?

Still, we must make do with what we’ve been given, so let’s rank the Fornite Avatar The Last Airbender skins from worst to best.

4. Aang

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I’m sorry Fortnite but out of all the Avatar The Last Airbender skins available to us, this one has the most uncanny valley element to it.

It doesn’t work because in the cartoon Aang is a literal child and they’ve obviously tried to age him up/ make him less of a short king and the result is frankly terrifying. You cannot tell me those eyes have one single thought behind them. But I do appreciate the detail on the robes and his iconic blue arrow tattoos, so it’s not all too traumatic.

3. Toph

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Toph is another victim of being oddly aged up in Fortnite and I feel like a main aspect of her character in Avatar The Last Airbender is the fact she looks so small and young, so out of the other skins this one doesn’t fare too well either. Still, I do appreciate the detailing on her clothes and the fact her eyes have the misty look about them like in the cartoon, plus they nailed her hair. Bonus points to the fact they didn’t give her shoes.

2. Katara

Fortnite Avatar Last Airbender skins

Via Fortnite

Katara looks flawless in Avatar and she looks flawless here. She and Zuko both work a lot better with the whole ageing aspect because they’re both older in the cartoons anyway. She does seem to lack some warmth, and the crossing of her arms is giving me slight resting b*tch face vibes, I’m sorry please don’t come for me.

1. Zuko

Fortnite Avatar Last Airbender skins

Via Fortnite

Zuko here! And they’ve absolutely nailed it, chef’s kiss, 10/10. His outfit is sublime and I’m really happy they’ve chosen one of his most recognizable and coolest ones to go with, his scar and hair both look great and he’s giving just the right amount of brooding prince energy. They could never make me hate you Zuko.

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