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Every major contract rule the disobedient MAFS Australia 2024 cast have broken this series

They’ve gone completely rogue

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast are bound by some pretty serious contract rules to stop them from going “completely rogue” whilst the show is both being filmed and airing but that doesn’t seem to have stopped them from misbehaving. Despite being faced with potential legal action from producers the MAFS Australia 2024 cast hasn’t exactly abided by their strict contract rules this season, so which ones have they broken?

Using their personal phones whilst on MAFS


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Whilst MAFS Australia 2024 was being filmed all the cast were given production phones to use and told not to use their personal ones. But in an interview with Yahoo’s Behind the Edit podcast, Richard explained that everyone used their own does regardless, expect from him. He explained: “The producers gave us a production phone and said, ‘Use this phone to take photographs and videos of your relationship, but not on your own phone. You can’t do it on your own phone.’ So I did that.

“Afterwards, I see all these posts going up with all the other couples about intimate moments and things clearly taken on another phone. So I email [the producers] and I go, ‘Guys what’s the story? Are you getting the photographs and things out of our production phones as well? Because all we’re getting is the formal publicity shots.’

“And they were like, ‘Oh no we can’t access anything on anyone’s production phone, the production phones are out of action.’ So everyone else had all these social media posts of them living their lives and stuff behind the scenes which Channel Nine are now happily posting and we were told not to do that.

“So I stuck by the rules and it just annoyed me. I would’ve done that differently and used my own phone and gone mad and taken lots of photos.”

Making personal social media posts whilst the show is still airing


Darwin is lit #mafs #mafsaustralia #monsoons #foryou @Tristan Black

Darwin is lit #mafs #mafsaustralia #monsoons #foryou @Tristan Black

A lot of the cast have started making TikToks despite the fact they’re not allowed to start making their own social media posts until after the show has finished airing in the UK. As for who the main culprits are apparently Ben, Sara, and Eden are reportedly in the biggest trouble for breaking the show’s social media policy and actively posting on TikTok.

The source revealed: “Production has come down hard on the cast this year and are happy to make an example of people, reminding them they’ve all signed legally binding contracts which they’re actively breaching.” So far no cast members are facing legal action for breaching their contracts but the production team has “gently reminded them” that they would be within their rights to decide to take legal action against the offending brides and groom.


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However, Ben Walters told Yahoo Lifestyle that he hasn’t heard anything from the team since talking to the media and posting on TikTok. He explained: “I’m grateful for the MAFS opportunity and many good producers and talent team for getting me onboard the MAFS wagon.

“They haven’t helped me one bit with the edit I’ve received and have blocked any publicity to tell my side of the story and for that, they can continue to ‘reprimand’ all they like. I feel it’s no different to a musician deciding to leave a label and be independent. I’ve gone a bit bananas on TikTok and they haven’t said a peep.”

Being seen with new partners before MAFS even aired!


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It happens every single year but Jono and Ellie were seen at the beach together before MAFS Australia 2024 had even aired! Something I’m sure the producers were not best pleased about!

Hanging out together whilst filming the experiment


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Whilst filming cast members are not allowed to hang out outside of the Skye Suites or with previous MAFS Australia alumni, something the 2024 cast broke on both counts.

Daily Mail Australia claim Jayden and Eden spent an evening with last year’s participants, Melinda Willis, Alyssa Barmonde and Tahnee Cook. A source claimed: “Producers were screaming at them but it was the end of the road and there was nothing anything anybody could do about it,” an insider said.

Sara also snuck out to have drinks with Lauren and Eden which is forbidden by production. The insider revealed: “Participants are forbidden from hanging out with each other outside of dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, but Sara, Eden and Lauren snuck out one day.”

Slamming the show for giving them a bad edit


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Tori has broken a major MAFS production rule by slamming her edit. She told Yahoo Lifestyle: “I addressed the table that night and I was very clear on my stance regarding that article and they just cut all of it out and made me look like I was a damsel in distress. It was really disappointing to kind of figure out the angle that they’re going with is just not an accurate depiction whatsoever.

“I feel like I come across quite silenced and quite uncomfortable and quite submissive in a way of not being able to speak up, and that’s not me at all,” she said. “I am not afraid to speak up, I am quite outspoken and happy to share any thoughts.

“I’m not a victim. I’m not this helpless, poor sod that needs the nation to stand behind me. I’m great, I’m fine. We’re just getting done real dirty with how they’re showing it on TV, and it’s really disappointing. But it is what it is, you know, it’s TV and I signed up to it.”

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