MAFS Australia 2024 cast

MAFS Australia 2024 cast severely reprimanded by producers after breaching their contracts

They could be facing legal action from the production team

Uh oh, if it seems like a lot of juicy MAFS Australia 2024 storylines have been leaking before they’ve aired on the show it’s because the cast have been breaching their contracts and spilling the beans early. And as you might suspect, this has landed them in some pretty hot water with the producers who have severely reprimanded them after they breached their contracts by breaking the show’s social media policy.

An insider source told Yahoo Lifestyle that multiple MAFS Australia 2024 cast members had been called out by producers for “leaking storylines and breaching their contracts.” As for who the main culprits are apparently Ben, Sara, and Eden are reportedly in the biggest trouble for breaking the show’s social media policy and actively posting on TikTok.


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The source revealed: “Production has come down hard on the cast this year and are happy to make an example of people, reminding them they’ve all signed legally binding contracts which they’re actively breaching.” So far no cast members are facing legal action for breaching their contracts but the production team has “gently reminded them” that they would be within their rights to decide to take legal action against the offending brides and groom.


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However, Ben Walters told Yahoo Lifestyle that he hasn’t heard anything from the team since talking to the media and posting on TikTok. He explained: “I’m grateful for the MAFS opportunity and many good producers and talent team for getting me onboard the MAFS wagon.

“They haven’t helped me one bit with the edit I’ve received and have blocked any publicity to tell my side of the story and for that, they can continue to ‘reprimand’ all they like. I feel it’s no different to a musician deciding to leave a label and be independent. I’ve gone a bit bananas on TikTok and they haven’t said a peep.”

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