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Richard reveals he trusted Jack the most on MAFS and thinks he’s a ‘really good guy’

Have we been watching the same show?!

Richard may have left the MAFS Australia 2024 experiment but he made a surprising, and slightly worrying reveal about the groom he “trusted the most” on the show, and who he thought was a “really good guy.” And who might the groom in question be? Well none other than Jack of course, because who else instantly comes to mind when you think of a good guy?

Richard explained to Behind The Edit that he felt like Jack was the only groom on MAFS Austalia 2024 he could “fully trust” and he viewed him as a very “solid guy.” He explained: “There’s only one person I trust. The only person I trust from the show is Jack. Jack is solid. Jack did some and said some really bad sh*t on the show and he owned it and he copped it and he and Tori had an absolute nightmare of a time.”

He continued, “He’s not going to be my best mate, but he’s a really, really solid guy and a good guy. I speak to Jack every week and anything I say to him doesn’t go to anybody else. Unlike, for example, I was sending texts and things to Andie and I hear them being read out on podcasts.”


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Since leaving the show it seems Richard has been living his best life after going on a big night out with Collins, seemingly whilst the show was airing, and an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Richard was loving life and having a big night. It definitely didn’t look like he had a wife at home still. He spent a long time chatting to younger women, including Carolina from a few seasons ago, and it looked flirty.”

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