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Inside Sara and Cassandra’s secret feud which was completely edited out of MAFS Australia

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As if MAFS Australia 2024 wasn’t drama-filled enough, it turns out there was another secret feud between Cassandra and Sara that was completely cut from the show. In the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion Sara and Cassandra seem to suddenly clash, with viewers left feeling confused over where the sudden tension between the two came from.

But it turns out there’s a lot more between these two that were allegedly edited out of the show. According to episode 351 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one participant explained that Cassandra “made a real fool of herself”, while a second said the bride was “so nasty.” They explained: “She isn’t the sweet little angel that she portrayed during her wedding at all,” they explained. “She was always gunning for Sara for no good reason. It was obvious production was in her ear telling her to say stuff to Sara purely for airtime because Sara was a main character and Cass was so boring. It was so obvious what she was doing.”

A third MAFS Australia 2024 cast member revealed that they thought the behaviour Cassandra showed towards Sara was “so uncalled for.” Allegedly Cassandra “told Sara she thinks she’s so full of sh*t and called her a nasty b*tch. They had never even had a conversation, it would just come out of nowhere.

“Sara was so sick of Cass coming for her. At one dinner party, she absolutely loses it and calls Cass a c*nt. She had just had enough and fully lost her shit. It wasn’t cool, but most of the cast could sympathise with her and understand why she said it.”


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As reported in episode 376 of the So Dramatic! podcast, according to another participant, “Cass made a number of nasty remarks to Sara during filming. She was constantly trying to instigate drama with her at the dinner parties. She was just an easy target. Sara did absolutely nothing to her. I think she just wanted airtime.”

Apparently, Cassandra was “constantly accusing Sara of being a liar and being nasty” on MAFS Australia 2024. However, when asked why she came to that conclusion, Cassandra “had no examples to give”. They added that when Tim and Sara were fighting at the MAFS Reunion dinner party, “Cass sat back in her chair, looking all smug, and started laughing. Sara then pulled her up on it and asked why she was laughing at her. Then Cass replied: ‘You people are just entertainment to me’.”

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