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There was a secret MAFS Australia 2024 cast group chat created to ‘bully’ Lauren and Sara

This is absolutely wild?!

Umm, it turns out there was apparently a secret MAFS Australia 2024 cast group chat that deliberately didn’t include Lauren or Sara so the rest of the cast could talk badly about them behind their backs.

The juicy bombshell was revealed in episode 376 of the So Dramatic! podcast with the chat including Andrea, Lucinda, Timothy, Cassandra, Tristan, Eden, Jayden, Jono, Ellie and Michael. Allegedly the main purpose of the chat was to talk badly about their fellows MAFS Australia 2024 cast members, but Sara and Lauren were the main targets.

The chat was originally created by Jono to get his co-stars to ‘turn against’ Lauren

One contestant revealed that Jonathan initially created the group to get his co-stars to “turn against”  Lauren, and “rally behind him instead.” The source explained: “Jonathan was in full damage control mode after his cheating scandal was aired out at the Reunion. He was also annoyed that Lauren was getting so much positive press and everyone was loving her. He was definitely jealous.”

In the group chat, Jonathan said “really nasty and horrible things” about Lauren and Sara. The source continued: “Jono claimed that Lauren was trying to destroy him and Ellie, but that was completely untrue. Lauren has been nothing but supportive of their relationship since filming ended.”

Other cast members felt jealous of the amount of airtime Sara and Lauren got


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Another cast member revealed that the jealousy towards Sara and Lauren came from the fact that everyone else was “jealous that they got the most airtime.” They said: “They’re trying to bring Lauren and Sara down and spread rumours to make them look bad because they are jealous that they got the most airtime out of everyone. Jono openly said in the group chat that he was upset with the edit he was getting on the show. He also said it was unfair that Lauren was getting such a great edit and so much positive media coverage. He said the most in the group and was the main instigator behind it.”

Both brides were extremely hurt when they found out about the chat


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One cast member revealed how Lauren and Sara reacted when they found out about the chat: “They were extremely upset, it felt like high school bullying. They thought they were on good terms with all of their co-stars, so they were shocked by the comments they saw about themselves… None of them had ever voiced concerns to them. It was all news to them.”

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