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Just five reasons why our spiritual queen Lucinda deserved better on MAFS Australia 2024

Give this woman the world

I think we all saw the demise of Lucinda and Timothy’s relationship a mile off on MAFS Australia 2024 but you’ve got to give it to Lucinda, she gave it her all. She is without a doubt the most iconic bride to ever grace Married at First Sight, and here are five reasons why a queen such as herself deserved better on the show.

1. She’s been the most understanding and patient partner to Timothy


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Let’s be honest, Lucinda has put in a lot more in her relationship with Timothy on MAFS Australia 2024 than she’s gotten out of it – and whilst it’s completely understandable considering what he’s going through, there’s no question of how considerate and patient Lucinda has been.

I can’t help but feel like if he had been paired with a different bride she wouldn’t have been as understanding, and Lucinda has shown a refreshing maturity on the show. Having said that, it does feel like Lucinda should have been paired with someone who was more similar to her, this woman is so patient but it doesn’t mean she had to have been paired with someone who she had to be patient with. Whoever Lucinda meets next will be the luckiest person on the planet!

2. She’s an actual ray of positivity

If there’s one thing we can all agree about the MAFS Australia 2024 bride, it’s that Lucinda has to be the most positive cast member ever to appear on the show. Even the experts pointed out how during dinner parties everyone is instantly drawn to Lucinda, and she’s always amazing at lifting up the energy and others in the room. Lucinda deserves someone who lifts her up as well and makes her feel just as amazing and social as she makes everyone else feel.

3. Bringing the cast together through yoga

Lucinda deserves an actual medal for managing to make the cast not fight for five minutes whilst on the MAFS Australia 2024 retreat and put them to work doing some hilarious yoga. We have literally no choice but to stan.

4. Wearing the most iconic outfits in the world


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From feathers to ruffles, Lucinda has the most out-there outfits on the show, and you can tell she’s wearing stuff she genuinely feels comfortable in. All Lucinda needs now is a hype man to make her feel like a million Aussie dollars!

5. This woman is so refreshingly unapologetically herself

Lucinda is such an authentic bride, and it genuinely feels like she came onto the show to find a genuine connection and I’m devastated that Timothy just wasn’t the right match for her. One of my favourite Lucinda lines has to be when Timothy was asking her to put a shirt on when she’s sleeping and she said that he has “bigger tits” than she does, oh Lucinda never change, please.

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