Lucinda and Timothy had to be separated on MAFS Australia after he ‘refused’ to be filmed

And their final picnic lasted just eight minutes

The MAFS Australia 2024 homestay between Lucinda and Timothy last night was pretty disastrous to say the least, with their relationship pretty much ending there and then.

One fellow cast member has revealed on episode 364 of the So Dramatic! podcast that “their Homestays were catastrophic, to say the least.” The source revealed: “Lucinda was a bit rude to Tim about his house. His house isn’t a mansion or anything showy, but Lucinda said she expected something bigger, so he felt a bit judged,” they revealed.


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Apparently, Timothy was completely “emotionally drained” by the time MAFS Australia 2024 homestays with Lucinda came around and felt like he was “at his wit’s end.” They explained: “The experiment was coming to an end, and he knew he was about to go back to the real world, where he would have to deal with all of the stuff with his family when he got home. Not to mention, during Homestays, Tim’s friend’s dad was dying, and that brought up a lot of emotions for him.”


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During their incredibly awkward final picnic date, Timothy felt “really depressed” with the date lasting just eight minutes before “Tim refused to keep filming.” It all kicked off as “Lucinda accused him of not trying and not being open with her. Tim then exploded and blew up at her, saying she wasn’t reading the room, and he was over all of her positivity. Then he said he ‘was done with this f*cking TV show’ and stormed off.”

According to the participant Timothy also yelled at the camera crew and accused them of “pushing him to breaking point.” As such they agreed to let him go and Lucinda and Timothy were completely separated until they saw each other at the next dinner party. Yikes!

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