Timothy MAFS Australia 2024

Timothy has adressed why his apartment looked like such a mess during MAFS Australia 2024

He’s salty about it

I think we were all a little bit shocked to see the state that Timothy had left his apartment in during the MAFS Australia 2024 homestays, but Timothy has now addressed exactly why his apartment looked like that.

It appears that Timothy created a secret TikTok account in order to comment on a video about his apartment, something which goes against the rules in his contract. Timothy wrote: “Great recap, I was wrong,” Timothy admitted of his behaviour towards Lucinda during MAFS Australia 2024.

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He then explained why he was in such a bad mood, as well as who had been looking after his apartment whilst he was on the experiment. He explained: “I hadn’t been home in two months. I was so so p*ssed off with the 20-year-old looking after my place. It just set me off.”

Via TikTok

Timothy continued on his rant, writing: “It wasn’t her [Lucinda]. I was done and wanted my life back. I wanted that guy out of my place. I haven’t watched any more MAFS. I’m just looking forward to the end.”

Timothy MAFS Australia 2024

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During their incredibly awkward final picnic date, Timothy felt “really depressed” with the date lasting just eight minutes before “Tim refused to keep filming.” It all kicked off as “Lucinda accused him of not trying and not being open with her. Tim then exploded and blew up at her, saying she wasn’t reading the room, and he was over all of her positivity. Then he said he ‘was done with this f*cking TV show’ and stormed off.”

According to the participant Timothy also yelled at the camera crew and accused them of “pushing him to breaking point.” As such they agreed to let him go and Lucinda and Timothy were completely separated until they saw each other at the next dinner party. Yikes!

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