Lucinda Timothy MAFS Australia 2024 still together

After a tumultous MAFS Australia 2024 homestay, are Lucinda and Timothy still together?

Rooting for them ngl

Timothy and Lucinda have really been put through the wringer this week during their MAFS Australia 2024 homestays, but are the duo still together? With Timothy yelling that “he’s done” and refusing to continue filming for the show until the next dinner party, things aren’t looking to great for the couple. Let’s find out whether they make it to final vows and what their current relationship status is.

Do Lucinda and Timothy make it to final vows


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Sadly Lucinda and Timothy are not still together by the time the MAFS Australia 2024 final vows roll around, as at the next commitment ceremony they both decided to leave the experiment. At the next ceremony, Lucinda tells Timothy she was made to feel unwelcome during homestays and felt rejected by him.

Whilst they both appreciate their time for each other, and Lucinda even recites a poem, they both write leave and just like that I am a child of divorce.

Are they still together at the reunion?


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As suspected Timothy and Lucinda have not made a miraculous recovery at the reunion but their friendship is back on track and they’re very cute together.

Are Timothy and Lucinda still together after MAFS Australia 2024?


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Whilst Timothy and Lucinda are not in a romantic relationship together, they remain firm friends and have joint custody of Tristan. Timothy has sparked some romance rumours with Andrea and whilst they’ve both clarified they’re just “close friends” they do seem to be spending a lot of time together…

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