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Producers forced Tim to bring up cheating scandal again on homestays for more MAFS drama

And edited their homestays to ‘look worse than it actually was’

Surprise surprise, it turns out the MAFS Australia 2024 producers deliberately gave Sara and Tim a “bad edit” during their homestay and pushed him to bring up the cheating scandal again for more drama.

During Sara and Tim’s final date, she became very upset when he mentioned her meeting up with her ex, but according to a production insider, everything was edited to make it look far worse than it actually was.

The insider told So Dramatic!: “Sara and Tim actually had one of the best Homestays. That lunch with Ben did not go as bad as was aired. Everyone got along, and both Sara’s friend and Tim‘s mate thought they looked happy. They [producers] obviously just used all the questions about Sara’s ex to make the situation sound worse and nothing else when this was only a few minutes of a three-hour lunch.”


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Later during their final MAFS Australia 2024 date, producers “pushed” Tim to bring the cheating scandal up to Sara despite him “not wanting to.” The insider claimed: “Production told Tim to ask Sara about the ex thing again. He didn’t want to, but they said he needed to because it was the final date.

“They had a lengthy conversation about the ex situation and their challenges, but it’s been chopped to make it seem like Tim was saying he was disappointed in Sara’s answers. If you pay attention to whenever Tim says anything bad, it’s usually when they’re not showing his face.”

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