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Um, it looks like Jack actually bought Tori’s MAFS Australia bracelet from Temu for $3

Splashing the cash

Last night during the MAFS Australia 2024 homestays Jack gave Tori a bracelet in order to calm her concerns about how she felt about their relationship. He explained to her: “I have something for you, just a little bit of something-something. What do you think? There are two diamonds on it and there’s a T-initial for Tori,” he explained.”

But, according to The Daily Mail, it turns out that MAFS Australia 2024 groom Jack might have actually purchased the bracelet for Tori from none other than Temu, for a whopping $3. You can’t say this man doesn’t splash out on her!

Via Temu

The bracelet on Temu does look almost identical to the one Jack bought for Tori but in the interest of fairness, he could have bought the bracelet from a drop shipping company or Temu themselves could have stolen a fancier bracelet design and copied it.

Tensions between Jack and Tori started after the last commitment ceremony when Jack seemed to be deliberately evasive about his true feelings for Tori. When asked how she felt about her, Jack responded: “I like her a lot. I have developed some serious feelings for Tori, she makes me feel good.” But John Aikem felt it wasn’t enough and wanted to hear some genuine emotions from Jack. He replied: “Feelings? Something I’ve told Tori many times, when I’m with her I sleep really well.”

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