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Richard slams MAFS Australia 2024 producers for ‘ripping off’ cast with low pay

‘I lost a lot of money appearing on the show’

Richard is wasting no time slamming the MAFS Australia 2024 producers after both he and his fellow cast members complained of feeling “ripped off” by Channel Nine due to the low amount of pay they received. Richard even revealed that he’d “lost money” as a result of appearing in the experiment despite expecting an increase in business for him after the show finished.

In an interview with Yahoo Australia’s podcast Behind The Edit he explained that he “lost a lot of money being on MAFS, as we all did.” The hosts then asked Richard if he thought he and the other MAFS Australia 2024 cast members should have been paid more and he replied: “100%, and for how much money it makes Channel Nine, it’s a rip off, $150 a day, that’s what you get!

“When you come out [of the show] it’s like October, then the reunion in November, and then it’s Christmas, New Year, January… I’ve got no work on, I had no work on for six months. And I need to work, I don’t have a whole lot of money that I sit one.”


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Richard is a motivational speaker and brand consultant but explained that appearing on the show hasn’t resulted in him getting more work like it’s done for others. He explained that his website is getting more clicks it isn’t “converting into anything.”

Earlier this year, an unnamed cast member told The Daily Telegraph how they ended up “broke” after the show finished, leaving them unable to pay rent. They explained: “I am broke after having appeared on the show. I couldn’t even make my rent payments with what we were being paid,” they said: “We would film late so I would be ordering takeaway most nights. I spent a bomb on outfits, hair and make-up, and to top it off, they didn’t even let us wear what we wanted.”

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