Jono Lauren still together MAFS Australia 2024

Are Jono and Lauren still together after his MAFS Australia 2024 texting scandal?

It’s not looking good for the couple

After Jono was exposed by Tori for texting Ellie during last night’s final MAFS Australia 2024 commitment ceremony, I think we’re all wondering whether or not he and Lauren are still together. And what exactly is their relationship dynamic now after the shocking revelation? Let’s find out!

Do Jono and Lauren make it to the final vows?

Whilst Jono and Lauren are automatically forced to go to the MAFS Australia 2024 final vows together after deciding to stay at the final commitment ceremony, they are not still together after the final vows.

Whilst we won’t spoil it, let’s just say that neither one of them, especially Lauren, holds back in revealing their savage true emotions. Prepare yourselves for major spice.

Are they together at the MAFS reunion?

Unsurprisingly, Jono and Lauren are 100 per cent not still together at the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion. In fact, completely unknown to Lauren, Jono is with Ellie at that point and even walks hand in hand with her.

According to So Dramatic! Lauren “had no idea they were fully together by this point, so it was a bit of a blindside for her. One co-star explained: “The worst thing was that when they walked in, neither of them acknowledged or said hello to Lauren. Lauren started crying because everyone was congratulating them and so happy for them. She was upset because they didn’t give her a heads-up that they were coming to the Reunion together. So she felt humiliated by the surprise.” Poor Lauren.

What is their current post-show relationship?


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Whilst Lauren and Jono might not still be together romantically, Lauren has explained their dynamic after MAFS Australia 2024. She revealed: “We did keep in touch and things looked good between us but I’ve since found out quite a few things that he’s been doing and saying to try to make me look bad which I’m not impressed with.

“I’m not really speaking to him now after that but we were fine and I have no issue with him. I just have an issue with him trying to make me look bad to make himself look better.”

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