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Ben reveals he always suspected something ‘fishy’ was going on between Jono & Ellie on MAFS

‘I saw the way they looked at each other from the start’

During MAFS Australia 2024 Ben and Ellie were originally coupled up together, before deciding to leave the experiment, during which time Ellie began messaging Jono. And now Ben had publicly aired his true feelings about their relationship and even revealed that he always thought something “fishy” was going on between Jono and Ellie during MAFS Australia 2024, yikes!

He shared with Yahoo Lifestyle: “I saw the way they looked at each other from the start and I suspected something fishy was going on.” Ben also added that whilst he feels like Ellie “emotionally cheated” on him with Jono during MAFS Australia 2024, ultimately he’s happy she found love from the experiment. He explained: “I honestly wish them well as they seem happy together. We text sometimes still.”


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Ben also told So Dramatic! that he didn’t know they were together until he saw them at the reunion: “I didn’t find out until the Reunion that they were a couple. I wasn’t surprised. They seem well-suited. I predicted many weeks before. I suspected something fishy was going on.”

Ellie has previously spoken out about whether she felt like she had any other connections with cast members during filming. She explained: “No, to be honest, my eyes were just on Ben. And I’m just like, so grateful to have such a great match. We got along like a house on fire, so my eyes were not straying.”

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