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The cunning real reason why Tori decided to expose Jono’s texts on MAFS Australia 2024

She was apparently ‘elated’ when she found out

Last night Tori shocked everyone when she interrupted the final MAFS Australia 2024 commitment ceremony to drop the absolute bombshell that Ellie and Jono had been texting each other behind Lauren’s back. She looked a little glee to reveal the drama, and now we know the real reason why she decided to expose Jono on the show.

And according to episode 366 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Tori was absolutely “elated” when she found out about the texts between Jono and Ellie on MAFS Australia 2024, as it meant she “had something to use” to “take the heat off” her relationship with Jack and all the scrutiny it was under.

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And she brought it up not to get back at Lauren, but actually to get back at Jono?! One source revealed: “Jono had exposed Jack so many times… a lot of other stuff was cut out. That’s why Tori was happy to have dirt on Jono. She wanted to get back at him because he was constantly coming for her relationship,” they added.

The source went on to explain that a lot of Jono’s attacks on Jack and Tori were edited out of the show and added: “That’s why Jono didn’t speak up about the Couple Swap or muzzle comments. He knew Jack had dirt on him and was worried Jack would expose him in retaliation.” I have a feeling these last few episodes are going to be a bumpy ride.

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