What have raunchy lovebirds Ridge and Jade been up since MAFS Australia 2024?

Not him getting her name tattooed on his back

Jade and Ridge have to be one of the most successful pairings ever on MAFS Australia 2024, especially for an intruder couple. Whilst I did have my doubts at first they do seem very happy together on the show and seem well suited for each other. But what have the lovebirds been up to since MAFS Australia 2024 has ended? Let’s find out!

Going on lots of cute date nights

Since leaving MAFS Australia 2024 Jade and Ridge have been showing off a lot of their cute dates, most of them involving little sunset picnics and overall they look very wholesome!

Ridge got Jade’s name tattooed on himself

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Well, nothing says commitment like getting someone’s name tattooed onto your back, which is exactly what Ridge decided to do. Ridge got Jade’s name tattooed in Bali and she joked that “if Ridge messes up, jokes on him because my name is on there.” Killer.

Spent Christmas together


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I always forget that MAFS was filmed last year which means the couples have spent a lot of holidays together, and Jade and Ridge celebrated a very cosy-looking Christmas together.

Being constantly raunchy together


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Seriously can we just take a moment to acknowledge how raunchy these two are 24/7? I feel like they’re never not kissing, and even Ridge has noted it.

Went on holiday to Bali together


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They’re one of the first MAFS Australia 2024 couples to go on holiday together with Jade and Ridge choosing to make their getaway to Bali. Ridge got a full lion back tattoo there which seems pretty standard for him tbh. Jade even cutely captioned it: First fam holiday with favourites,” how cute!

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