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Ben slams Ellie for being ‘vindictive’ on MAFS and claims she’s with Jono for ‘publicity’

‘She always played the victim’

Ben has absolutely slammed fellow MAFS Australia 2024 cast members Jono and Ellie, claiming their relationship is purely for “publicity” and Ellie has a “vindictive” side that was never shown during filming.

He spilt all in episode 379 of the So Dramatic! podcast, as Ben admitted he “didn’t buy” the post-MAFS Australia 2024 relationship between Ellie and Jono. He explained: “I don’t buy what they’re up to and what they’re trying to do, I think they’re onto something. They’ve got feelings for each other… But I’m not buying the smugness. I think they got together and hatched up a scheme to be Duncan and Evelyn and live happily ever after, but it backfired.”


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Ben then went on to reveal the moment he realised that the two might have feelings for each other on MAFS: “Ellie and I were going for a run around Centennial Park. We bumped into Jono, they started chatting, and it was like I wasn’t even there.”

Ben continued his tirade against the couple, claiming Ellie always had a “little vindictive side.” He claimed: “Trust is earned, and I never trusted Ellie because it takes time. I f*cked up, I owned it and regretted it, and we talked it out. She accepted my apology, and we were in a fantastic space.”

However, Ben explained that Ellie brought up the issue again at the dinner party to get more airtime. He admitted: “She wanted me to get more involved in drama, [but] I don’t do drama, I felt like she wanted drama to get more airtime. That was a turning point for me where I [wondered] if she was after our best interests or her best interests. I felt like she was hatching up a rather sinister plan. And lo and behold, that bloody backfired.”

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