Cast member Ben MAFS Australia 2024 producers

Cast member Ben claims MAFS Australia 2024 producers mocked and ‘criticised’ his ADHD

‘I didn’t sign up to be taken advantage of through my mental health’

Whilst he left MAFS Australia 2024 weeks ago cast member Ben has been at the centre of controversy with the newest cheating scandal, and now he’s slamming the producers for their behaviour.

During episode 379 of the So Dramatic! podcast, cast member Ben revealed that the producers made fun of his mental health whilst he was on MAFS Australia 2024. Ben explained that he’d sometimes get distracted whilst talking to the camera due to his ADHD: “I’ve always been reluctant to tell people that I’ve got ADHD because I don’t want to fall into victim mode and use that as an excuse in challenging situations,” he explained.

However, during filming, he got distracted and asked the producer to “keep still” so he could focus better. He continued: “Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she started laughing. I said: ‘Do you find mental health funny?’. Then I got pissed off and I just cut the interview and walked out.

“I was upset, and I said: ‘This is very unprofessional, I didn’t sign up to be taken advantage of through my mental health. I thought this show was about relationships and love, not criticising someone for ADHD’.”


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Ben felt like the producer deliberately gave him a bad edit in order to get revenge on him for walking out of the interview. He added: “I think they figured out what triggers to use and really amplified that to get those emotions out of me. That’s why I’m so cramped up on the camera.

“I realised that I wasn’t going to be getting a great edit because when we’d film a scene, they’d just get Ellie to talk,” he said, clarifying that producers would never ask for his side of the story. He also realised he wouldn’t be edited favourably when producers interviewed everyone except him at Jade and Ridge’s wedding. He added: “There were numerous times where I thought: ‘Am I being cancelled, or is this just a coincidence.”

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