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From tattoos to moving in together: What are Tori and Jack up to after MAFS Australia 2024?

They’re in their own little bubble

Jack and Tori have certainly been through a lot on MAFS Australia 2024 together and at this point, I don’t think even the experts truly know what’s going on between them. Either way, let’s find out what the pair have been up to since MAFS Australia 2024 finished.

Moved in together

Tori and Jack moved in together soon after MAFS Australia 2024 ended, with internet sleuths spotting that Tori was selling all her belongings on Facebook Marketplace ahead of the move.

Still have their matching tattoos


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We saw Jack and Tori getting their matching tattoos on the experiment as a sign of their commitment to each other and since filming ended it looks as though they’ve both still got them.

Tori said: “I just think it will be like a bit of a f**k you to everyone. Tattoos are for life and they’re a statement. That tattoo will just be a constant reminder of one another.” Jack added: “If anyone is questioning our connection and how we feel about each other, I think this will help answer that as well.”

Going on wholesome dates together


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Whilst I’m sure wholesome might not be the first descriptive word that comes to mind when people think about Tori and Jack, they’ve been up to a lot since the show ended. From bowling to a lot of time spent together at the beach and gym, they do look like they’ve been enjoying each other’s company a lot.

Spending lots of time with their friends and family


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The two have also been spending a lot of time getting to know each other’s friends and family, including spending a slightly concerning amount of time with MAFS Australia alumni Harrison and his girlfriend…

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