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Okay, so what happens next in the Ellie and Jono cheating saga on MAFS Australia 2024?

Jono becomes public enemy number one

So we’re all up in arms about how Jono has been behaving towards Lauren in regards to this whole Ellie situation, but what exactly happens next with the two on MAFS Australia 2024? Well, if you can’t stand to wait until the reunion, neither could I, then let’s break down exactly what happens with Jono and Ellie in the final upcoming episodes of MAFS Australia 2024.

Lauren and Jono’s final vows are a bit of a train wreck

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Understandably on Lauren’s part, she’s not exactly feeling the Jono love when it comes to her final vows. And Jono remains acting as childish and immature as he did during the final dinner party. Jono explained to Lauren that he didn’t think messaging Ellie was an issue and that Lauren had “pretended the messages were flirty.”

He continues: “Seeing you so willing to lie like that to make me look bad astonished me, and by lying to the whole group to make me look bad, you showed you don’t support me and that makes me deeply upset. This is when I knew you weren’t the person for me. I do wish you all the best in this crazy journey we call life.” Yikes.

As for what Lauren had to say about the whole situation, she explained: “It was brought to my attention that you had been continuing to build some kind of relationship with another bride. One that you hid from me, then had the audacity to blame me for when you were exposed. My world felt like it had come crashing down around me.

“Instead of taking accountability at the final dinner party you chose to try and flip the script on me, blame me for not caring, never liking you and not being here for the right reasons.

“Although you completely wasted my time in terms for finding a romantic partner, you taught me that I should always trust my gut. Jono I don’t see a future with you and no it’s not me, it’s you.” Major mic drop moment.

He then rocks up hand in hand with none other than Ellie at the MAFS reunion

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According to So Dramatic! Lauren “had no idea they were fully together by this point, so it was a bit of a blindside for her. One co-star explained: “The worst thing was that when they walked in, neither of them acknowledged or said hello to Lauren.

“Lauren started crying because everyone was congratulating them and so happy for them. She was upset because they didn’t give her a heads-up that they were coming to the Reunion together. So she felt humiliated by the surprise.” Poor Lauren.

They proceed to become the most unlikeable couple in the space of two episodes

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The experts proceed to exclaim that Jono “lied to all of us” and I’ve never everyone in the cast look so shocked at what Jono and Ellie have done. Lauren decided to take the high ground and go over to greet Ellie, but Ellie completely blanks Lauren and ignores her. Really not cool girl.

Jono decides to take over the role of resident MAFS Australia 2024 villain from Jack who says it was worth “walking through broken glass” to get to Ellie. Someone get this man off our screens, please. After kissing Ellie multiple times in front of Lauren she understandably starts crying, to which Jono calls her crying “absolutely hilarious.” To add the final cherry to the cake and really twist the knife into Lauren’s back Jono proceeds to say Lauren is the “nastiest person he’s ever met.”

Ellie and Jono are still happily together now


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Fast forward to now and Jono and Ellie are still happily together after MAFS Australia 2024, having just gone on their first couples holiday together. Their Instagram is filled with very loved-up pictures of them.

And have even said ‘I love you’ and moved in together


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And if you’ve any doubt as to whether they’re the real deal or not, Jono and Ellie have declared they “love each other” and have even moved in together. Maybe don’t invite Lauren to your actual wedding though guys.

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