Jono Lauren MAFS Australia 2024 final vows

Lauren reveals the ‘spicy’ parts of her MAFS Australia final vows that were cut from show

Jono should be thankful these weren’t aired

The final MAFS Australia 2024 vows between Lauren and Jono were nothing short of explosive, and neither of them held back in what they had to say. And Lauren has since revealed that some of the more “spicy” parts of her final vows were actually cut from the show, so what exactly did the MAFS Australia 2024 bride say to Jono that didn’t make the final edit?

In an interview with Mamamia, she explained that she has absolutely no regret about what she told Jono in her vows. She explained: “I think throughout the season, Jono and I went a bit of a gridlock whether it was me or him,” she continued. “If it was my walls that were up then that was preventing him from being his true self, or I was feeling like he wasn’t being his true self. The vows were to let him know that I’ve figured out that my walls are up because something wasn’t right. And we found out why that was the case.”


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As for her original final vows, she clarified: “My vows were a lot longer. There were some spicy parts in there that weren’t shown. Obviously, it’s a TV show and they only have a certain amount of time, so they have to edit it so everything fits. But the full speech was impressive — if I do say so myself,” she added.

“I said something about Jono weaponising my vulnerability against me when I would tell him things, private things between us. He had a tendency to throw them out there to kind of take the heat off himself.”

As for what Lauren thought about Jono’s final vows she felt there was a lot of “censoring” going on. She explained: “I could definitely see where he was coming from. He definitely spoke his truth. I wasn’t nice to him all the time, but it was because I was frustrated with him. I felt like I was married to someone who was giving me a very edited version of themselves. And I could feel that in my gut, I felt like he wasn’t giving me who he really was.

“I think he was censoring himself because he was concerned about how he would come off on television, he said that multiple times. He didn’t want to look a certain way after the muzzle comment.”

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