MAFS Australia editing error

There was another chaotic editing error on MAFS Australia 2024 last night and it’s CARNAGE

How did the producers miss this?!

MAFS Australia 2024 has had its fair share of editing errors and despite the show being almost over we still got our fair share of them on last night’s episode, so what exactly was the error?

During the MAFS Australia 2024 final vows episode we see the remaining couples get some time alone to be with their family and friends to discuss whether or not they want to continue their relationship outside of the experiment. Ridge met up with one of his friends to discuss how great his relationship with Jade was going and overall it was very wholesome.

But there was a massive editing error that it seems like the majority of MAFS Australia 2024 fans completely missed, and it was all down to the contents of Ridge’s cocktail. In one of the first shots of Ridge and his friend his cocktail is already almost empty and fair enough maybe he’s just a fast drinker.

Via Channel 4

But then in the immediate next shot, we see his drink completely full and looking like it hasn’t been drunk at all. Either Ridge has ordered a completely new drink, which seems unlikely, or the show has edited together different clips to fit their narrative. And knowing what we do about MAFS that option seems a lot more likely!

Via Channel 4

And then in the next shot, his drink is yet again almost empty and has very clearly been drunk out of because of the foam on the top of the glass. Something tells me this scene has gone through a lot of editing, there’s a reason why shows try not to get footage of cast members drinking out of clear glasses in them!

Via Channel 4

There are still a few more episodes of MAFS Australia 2024 left including the reunion, so who knows what other errors we might see before it officially ends!

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