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These eight awful MAFS Australia editing errors prove this season was the most staged EVER

I can’t believe these all went by unnoticed?!

With MAFS Australia 2024 finally having drawn to a close we can finally reflect back on some of the worst editing fails we saw throughout the show. From changing outfits to disappearing tattoos here are eight of the most disastrous ones that prove this season of MAFS has been the most staged ever.

1. Andrea and Richard’s magically changing outfits

During one of the commitment ceremonies, the editing error involved  Andrea and Richard from MAFS Australia as their clothes changed completely between two clips.

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In the episode, Richard and Andrea were wearing a light blue shirt and dress on the left, but in one stray clip, the episode showed them in completely different outfits – taken from an earlier episode in the series. What a massive mistake to leave in!

2. Ellie somehow being able to teleport between the sofa and the taxi

Durning one MAFS Australia 2024 dinner party Ellie was completely blindsided when Ben decided to tell the group he was ending things with her. But before all this, Ellie was seen dramatically arriving to the dinner party and entering the room all alone.

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However, if you were really paying attention, you’d have spotted that way before her big dramatic entrance, Ellie was already seen sitting on the sofa chatting to Cassandra. What is going on here?!

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Before we’d seen Ellie arrive, there had been a number of shots showing her in the room already, chatting away. Then the camera cut to her in the back of a taxi and then arriving for the dinner party.

3. Tori’s shoulder tattoo completely disappearing

At one beefy dinner party, the camera turned to Tori to see her reaction to Jack being awful, and she can be seen with her tattoo on her right shoulder. But then out of nowhere, her tattoo is gone! The next shot shows her with a completely clean shoulder?!

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What looks like had happened here is the second time we saw Tori’s face, the shot had been inverted. So we’re actually seeing her left shoulder, not her right. This had been done so it looked as though she was reacting to something going on to her right, when she was in reality actually looking in the complete opposite direction.

4. Food and drink quantities massively changing

Nothing says a MAFS Australia 2024 editing error like quantities of food and drink massively changing between shots! During friends and family week, Lucinda and Timothy met up with her family to chat over some food and drink.

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They were discussing the recent ceremony and dinner party, and how having the rest of the group there impacted how Lucinda and Timothy were with each other. One minute they were sat around an empty table as a waiter brought over some food, and then the next minute a load of full drinks had just magically arrived there, too.

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Throughout the entire conversation, levels of the drinks and the amount of food on the platter could be seen going up and down within seconds, proving this chat wasn’t shown to us at all how it happened in real life. Answers Timothy and Lucinda were giving to their families’ questions were chopped and swapped around, and their reactions were used all over the place.

5. A rogue cameraman spotted!

During one of the first episodes of the show as the boys re-entered the main dinner party room, a cameraman can be seen outside the glass window!

6. Timothy’s outfit changing three times in one scene

During another episode of MAFS Australia Timothy reached his boiling point with Lucinda and he stormed out of their apartment. But whilst we were distracted by the drama and Timothy blowing his nose with a Windex, there was a major editing error that proves the MAFS Australia fight was staged.

It turns out there was a massive continuity editing error with Timothy’s outfit that the MAFS Australia producers didn’t spot!

MAFS AUstralia 2024 editing

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Timothy left the apartments wearing blue jeans and a simple black t-shirt after his fight with Lucinda.

MAFS AUstralia 2024 editing

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Then, when Timothy was storming down the corridor seemingly straight after he left the apartment he was suddenly in tracksuit bottoms. This meant he obviously had time to change after his argument.

MAFS AUstralia 2024 editing

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The final MAFS Australia editing error happened when Timothy returned to the apartment and he was once again in a different outfit. That’s three outfit changes in the space of about five minutes of airtime. There were definitely some reshoots and continuity errors going on here.

7. Lauren’s glass edited to look like wine

During the very first episode of MAFS Australia, Lauren is seen drinking from a wine glass during one of her interviews and it definitely helped cement her status as a party animal. Lauren is talking about a “messy” trip she recently made to Bali whilst drinking a slightly mysterious-looking green liquid from the wine glass.

MAFS AUstralia 2024 editing

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But it turns out it was a major editing error fail as MAFS Australia bride Lauren wasn’t actually drinking wine at all but plain water. Yep, there was absolutely no wine in that glass. When the image was put through Photoshop it revealed that the liquid in the glass had been edited with a filter to look green, despite being clear.

Former Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon commented on the post that exposed the editing error, writing: “And this is how they potentially wreck lives but make you sign a contract to which the first line states “we are not responsible for how you are portrayed.”

A show source told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Alcohol consumption is very closely monitored on reality TV, especially a show like this. It’d be highly unlikely they’d have someone drinking during a casual sit-down interview in the day like this, although not entirely impossible.”

8. Ridge’s rising and disappearing cocktail levels

During the MAFS Australia 2024 final vows episode we see the remaining couples get some time alone to be with their family and friends to discuss whether or not they want to continue their relationship outside of the experiment. Ridge met up with one of his friends to discuss how great his relationship with Jade was going and overall it was very wholesome.

But there was a massive editing error that it seems like the majority of MAFS Australia 2024 fans completely missed, and it was all down to the contents of Ridge’s cocktail. In one of the first shots of Ridge and his friend his cocktail is already almost empty and fair enough maybe he’s just a fast drinker.

MAFS AUstralia 2024 editing

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But then in the immediate next shot, we see his drink completely full and looking like it hasn’t been drunk at all. Either Ridge has ordered a completely new drink, which seems unlikely, or the show has edited together different clips to fit their narrative. And knowing what we do about MAFS that option seems a lot more likely!

MAFS AUstralia 2024 editing

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And then in the next shot, his drink is yet again almost empty and has very clearly been drunk out of because of the foam on the top of the glass. Something tells me this scene has gone through a lot of editing, there’s a reason why shows try not to get footage of cast members drinking out of clear glasses in them!

MAFS AUstralia 2024 editing

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