Sara Tim up to MAFS Australia 2024

What have Sara and Tim been up to since leaving the drama of MAFS Australia 2024 behind?

Tim seems to have dropped off the face of the earth

And just like that MAFS Australia 2024 has come to an end, with Sara and Tim deciding to stay together during their Final Vows, but what have the two been up to since leaving the show? From partying with their co-stars to sneaking around in a secret new relationship, let’s find out what they’ve been doing.

Partying with Tristan


We’re back!!!! @Tristan Black @DIMYROSE mafs mafsaustralia

♬ Murda on the dancefloor sped up – Stan 🙂

Since leaving MAFS Australia 2024 Sara has been spending a lot of time hanging out with Tristan with no Tim in sight, and they look like they’re getting up to a lot of fun. There have been a lot of rumours floating around that they could be more than just friends, but only time will tell!

Hanging out with Lauren

The friendship between Lauren and Sara is one of the best things to have come out of the show and since leaving they’ve been spending a lot of time eating out at boujee restaurants and making me want to be part of their friendship group.

Getting a classic post-MAFS transformation


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A post shared by Sara (@saramessy)

Nothing says post-MAFS like a classic hair transformation, and Sara recently had a big haircut and slight colour change and it looks 10/10.

Getting a lip tattoo


Annual lip tattoo touch up at @Parlour Dala in Mosman #liptattoo #beautytok #beautytips

♬ original sound – saramessy

Tattoos can hurt enough as it is, let alone one on your lip?! Sara explained in her TikTok that she’s had one before and was getting it topped up and I’m very intrigued about the whole healing process.

But what exactly has Sara’s husband Tim been getting up to since leaving the show?

Spending time with his mystery girlfriend


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Since Sara and Tim split after MAFS Australia 2024, Tim has been up to a lot with his new girlfriend Barbara. He still hasn’t posted any personal pictures on his Instagram since leaving the show, or done any interviews so it’s hard to guess exactly what else he’s been doing.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that Tim was “briefly seeing” the woman, who is an architect named Barbara, before filming the show and they “got back together a week after he split from Sara”.

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