Gypsy Rose ex Ken Ryan

Gypsy Rose admits she dreamt about getting back with her ex days before her wedding to Ryan

And revealed she thinks he’s her ‘soulmate’

You guys, Gypsy Rose just made an absolutely insane confession about a dream she had about her ex Ken Urker just days before her marriage to Ryan.

Gypsy Rose and her ex-fiancee Ken Urker were engaged to be married but called it off in around 2019, before then getting married to her now ex-husband Ryan in July 2022, but has been previously open about how hard it was to get over Ken.

She previously admitted: “I have always had difficulty letting go of my ex-fiance, Ken. We were so connected at one time that, like, he was a soulmate, and I think it started to wear on Ken the amount of time that I had to do in prison and the stress of who I am as Gypsy Blanchard. He ended the relationship. It was devastating to me.”


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And now she’s also confessed that she actually had a dream about getting back with Ken just 12 days before her prison wedding to Ryan, a marriage which lasted only three months.


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Gypsy Rose went on to reveal that her ex-fiancee Ken gave her “the most wonderful kiss of my whole life,” and damn the shade towards Ryan is real. Explaining more about their first kiss she said: “He came, and it was kind of a funny story, but within the first thirty minutes, he leaned over and gave me the most wonderful kiss of my whole life. The kiss he gave me was quite passionate. I looked at him and was like, ‘I didn’t even know you liked me like that’, and he said ‘Yeah, I have for a while’. And I’m like, ‘I have for a while too.'”

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