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Petty reason why Jono didn’t tell Lauren he was with Ellie before MAFS Australia reunion

‘It was done out of pure vengeance’

Jono and Ellie shocked all of the cast members when they rocked up at the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion hand in hand, but especially Lauren who was “blindsided” by the reveal of the new couple.

And now Jono has revealed why he didn’t tell Lauren he was going to arrive with Ellie at the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion. He told The Daily Mail: “We were sworn to secrecy, so we were told we couldn’t tell anyone. The last conversation I had with Lauren was abusive, so I didn’t really feel the need to let her know, we were told not to, so that was the one condition of us coming back.

“Yeah, the producers were like, ‘You’re not allowed to talk to anyone’. They flew us down separately, so we didn’t get seen together. They put us in a hotel by ourselves, away from all the other cast members. So yeah, it was a big secret they wanted to keep.”

But Jono wasn’t happy with the final cut of the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, as he felt like whilst he and Ellie “did the right thing by” production, “they took that and threw it in our face,” making it look like they were being mean to Lauren. He explained: “They [made] it look like we blindsided our partners and [that] we really enjoyed rubbing it in. We really didn’t. Everyone was so happy to see us when we walked in.”


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But it turns out Jono might not actually be telling the complete truth here as apparently it was Jono’s idea to come to the reunion with Ellie and not tell Lauren about their relationship beforehand. A production insider told So Dramatic!: “Jono and Ellie were the ones who decided to come to the Reunion together. It was all their idea. They asked the producers if they could go together as a couple, and the producers were all for it because they knew it would obviously cause major drama.”

Despite their other cast members telling them “not to debut” their relationship at the reunion, Jono exclaimed that he “didn’t care.” They continued: “Jono knew it would upset Lauren. That’s why he chose to blindside her and not give her a heads-up about it. It was done out of pure vengeance.”

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