MAFS Australia 2024 Tori Jack

Tori hangs up mid-interview after being asked why Jack’s ‘friends’ on MAFS were all clients

She wasn’t having any of it

Uh oh, Tori recently got very defensive when doing a radio interview about Jack, and one question in particular actually led to the MAFS Australia 2024 bride hanging up the phone.

Tori appeared on Mix94.5’s Pete & Kymba and was asked about whether or not Jack actually has any friends that aren’t from the gym where he works, as at both his MAFS Australia 2024 wedding and homestays he seemed to have only clients in attendance.

Host Kymba asked Tori about her time during MAFS Australia 2024 homestays: “You’re being grilled by a couple of chicks he personal trains. I can’t believe that you would sit and have lunch with those people without saying, ‘You don’t even know him!’” Tori replied that Jack “grew up in Victoria and moved to the Gold Coast 10 years ago.” Because as we all know 10 years is nowhere near long enough to make one single friend outside of work.

She continued, explaining that: “His community, his network, are the people he met at work. It’s such a low blow. I mean, the guy’s not from the Gold Coast,” Tori said.


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Kymba continued to ask how it’s possible that Jack has “made no friends” outside of work after almost a decade of living on the Gold Coast, and it’s the question we’re all wondering. She continued: “I don’t call my friends my network, Tori. They’re not my network, they’re my friends,” she said.

“Then what are they? Are they not your community?” Tori aggressively replied. Kymba responded saying: “Yeah, but [Jack’s gym clients are] not his community. They’re clients. He didn’t have any friends at the wedding. When you did Family Week and your best friend came to see you and support you, he had no one there. And then when you do Homestays, you’re meeting a couple of chicks he trains at the gym.”

At this point in the interview, Tori seemed to just about have enough and defensively responded: “Well, if I can finish my sentence, thank you, he does have friends,” before hanging up the call. Big yikes. The two hosts then announced in shock that Tori had “legitimately hung up the phone.” YIKES!