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Ellie is ‘traumatised’ due to ‘disturbing’ hate following MAFS reunion appearance with Jono

‘I’ve never seen her so upset’

Ellie and Jono received a lot of backlash during last night’s MAFS Australia 2024 reunion episode for debuting their new relationship, and it’s led to Ellie feeling “traumatised” due to the amount of “disturbing” and “revolting” hate she’s been receiving.

Ellie’s best friend Tahli has spoken out about how Ellie and Jono are being portrayed on the show compared to what actually happened during filming. She told Yahoo Lifestyle: “It’s extraordinarily concerning, the differences between what actually occurred during filming to what managed to reach screens and what viewers saw.

“This week’s episode portrayed both Ellie and Jono in an extremely poor form. Yes, certain things were said, and they did look very happy. However, producers appear to have used certain scenes and moments to depict them as being quite arrogant and inconsiderate. This is a far cry from how they both have been aired to date. Which surely would make any viewer with half a brain question why this is the case?”

Tahli also claimed that the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion episode was “chopped and changed” to portray Ellie and Jono in a more dramatic light. She continued: “Production also didn’t show Ben greeting Ellie, along with a multitude of other events. The entire episode seems to be glazed over, chopped and changed to suit this ‘dramatic cheating’ narrative that the producers were actually going for.

“She is extraordinarily traumatised and as someone who has known her for 18 years, I have never seen her so upset. She is one of the kindest, most genuine, loyal, compassionate, and loving people I know. To see her receive so much hate and derogatory comments based on a substantially edited television show is saddening and troubling for people in today’s society.”

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