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Here’s all the juicy cast drama that’s happened since the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

They’re a messy bunch

Some major tea was spilt at the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, but there’s been a lot more juicy cast drama that hasn’t been aired since the show stopped filming. From cheating accusations, messy breakups and declarations of love, here’s all the cast drama that’s gone down since the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion.

Eden has majorly shaded Jayden over their breakup

MAFS Australia 2024 cast members Eden and Jayden split up earlier in April and Eden has since revealed how “out of the blue” the breakup felt for her.

In an interview with Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G, Eden revealed: “I didn’t really think that there was anything that much wrong with the relationship. He broke up with me, so just out of the blue one night. He just said, ‘I just feel like this isn’t right.'”

Lauren and Jayden were spotted getting very intimate on a night out shortly afterwards


MAFS stars Lauren and Jayden go rogue during night out with their co-stars and singer Tom Jay Williams Eden was out with them earlier and left early. #mafs #mafsau #mafsaustralia

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And mere days after their breakup Jayden and Lauren were spotted getting very handsy with each other on a night out, with Jayden even grabbing her boob at one point. As for what Eden thought about their antics she explained: “The events of what happened after that night out… that was kind of the nail in the coffin for me I think, and I never got an apology. It was pretty upsetting, that [night out] was only a few days post what happened.”

Lauren has since broken her silence on the speculation that something might have happened between her and Jayden, telling PEDESTRIAN.TV: “Oh I mean, it’s ridiculous. You know what everyone’s like, they love a scandal. We haven’t had a big scandal this season, aside from the obvious one. Jayden and I are just friends. We’re participants in the same show. We all went out to a gay club and danced for 10 minutes and then I went home with a cheeseburger. There’s really nothing to it, unfortunately.”

Jono and Ellie have moved in together and dropped the ‘l bomb’


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Yep, Ellie and Jono have been up to a lot since the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion and have even told each other they’re “in love.” In an interview, Jono explained: “We were drunk one night at a mate’s birthday party and Ellie was like, ‘I want to tell you something’,” explained Jono. “I was like, ‘I love you too’.”

And if that wasn’t serious enough, they’ve even moved in together, with Ellie describing how she’s “taken over most of the wardrobe and the bathroom and there’s hair everywhere.”

Lauren and Ben have been majorly shading Jono and Ellie on TikTok


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Lauren Dunn has been posting a whole lot on TikTok. In one vague post, she filmed herself eating with the caption, “At least now I can eat whatever I want without being judged,” which she posted after the finale.


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The MAFS Australia 2024 reunion episode aired over the weekend in Australia and Ben filmed his shady reaction to one of the parts of the show. In the episode, Ellie blew up at one of her female co-stars prompting a shocked response from the experts. Expert Alessandra exclaimed: “Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that from Ellie,” and Mel agreed saying: “We’ve never seen this side of her but she’s coming across as quite insensitive.

Ben then turned the camera onto himself and made a major dig at Ellie. He said: “I’ve seen it, I knew it,” he said. I needed two pages of stuff to write about Ellie.” Yikes!

Richard has accused Andrea of leaking their private messages to the press


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The MAFS Australia 2024 groom recently revealed that he and Andrea met up after they left the experiment and Richard asked her if there would ever be a chance of them getting back together. This information and pictures of the apology texts he sent to her after the show later became public after they were obtained and shared on the So Dramatic! Podcast.

Richard has now accused Andrea of leaking information about their meetup, and has insinuated that she could be the one who revealed their private text messages to So Dramatic!

Appearing on Yahoo’s Behind The Edit podcast, Richard explained the lack of trust he now has in Andrea, saying: “For example, I sent texts to Andie and I hear them being read out on podcasts – like, no, I’m not going to talk to you if you’re going to tell other people what I’ve said.”

Ridge allegedly cheated on Jade with TWO of his exes


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Speaking on the So Dramatic! podcast, the host shared that two of Ridge’s girlfriends from before the show claimed they were speaking to him during filming, and slept with him after the show, whilst he was still with Jade. To add to this, Ridge apparently asked BOTH women to wait for him whilst he was filming the show, so they could get back together.

“We were full together, and he called me and said he was going on MAFS,” one woman claiming to be Ridge’s ex told So Dramatic! of their relationship ahead of the experiment. “But then he asked me to wait for him and pick up where we left off when he was done.”

She also claimed she was speaking to Ridge during and after the experiment. “We slept together in January, and Jade knows about it,” she claimed. “He’s a piece of work, that’s for sure.”


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The same woman shared screenshots which appear to show conversations between herself and Ridge, when it looks as though he told her “we’ll be fine” and asked her to not get with anyone else because he “doesn’t do well sharing”. Yikes. “I was so into you, and I thought we’d start talking again, but you blocked me the day after we fucked, which made me feel gross,” his apparent ex said.

In a now-deleted Facebook post Ridge addressed the claims, stating: “I’ve never cheated on Jade. We’ve had our ups and downs like in any relationship, but I’d never disrespect the future mother of my kids like that. Maybe you guys should check your facts before believing every bit of rubbish that’s posted on the internet.”

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